The Untapped Powers Of The Human Brain

Published: 12th March 2010
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It is oftentimes really easy to forget about our health because of the daily routines that we perform. We buy from fast foods and we lead busy lives that health does not become an issue anymore. It is fortunate for us to have alternative methods of medicine on our midst to help us fight with this problem.

You need to know that there is an alternative form of treatment known as holistic healing. Unlike conventional medicine, this form of healing does not just treat the physical aspect of the illness but includes the mental or even spiritual aspect of a patient's health. The physical aspect of the illness is just a guide where holistic healing delves deeper and know more about the patient.

One of the many forms of holistic healing is theta healing, which has slowly crept into the limelight since 1990 with its founder Vianna Stibal. During this time, the founder herself was suffering from lymphoma, which is a terminal cancer and in an attempt to take control of the illness, she came to apply the principles that theta healing now practices. After she experienced the immediate change, she spread the word around and let every people across countries know of its existence in the year 2000.

The healing process of thetahealing involves the utilization of theta waves, which are emitted by the brain. This is the brain wave that is being emitted when the brain is its deepest level of meditation. It opens the doorway that leads to the subconscious level of a person's mind that is believed to result to the highest levels of learning and reprogramming of a person's personality and behavior.

The holistic approach of theta healing is aimed to provide a patient the help he needs in all aspects of his illness. A person can have total relief from financial problems, health problems, pain and promotes energy healing and personal growth. The procedure commences as the practitioner answers all the patient's concerns then the muscle testing will take place afterwards. Muscle testing is important in the sense that you will be able to get to know more about your subconscious. Basic theta healing will commence after the correct reading in muscle testing is achieved.

Usually, thetahealing lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes and ends with another muscle testing to ensure that the negative beliefs that the patient have has already been eradicated. Physical conditions alone will be alleviated instantaneously as a result of this holistic approach but other conditions may take months before full recovery.

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